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David Tybor

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David Tybor (Director, Writer, Producer) has been working in the film industry since 1996.  His student film, "The Unknown" found distribution across the nation in thousands of video stores.   He then wrote and directed, "Rachel's Attic" starring Gunnar Hansen, aka Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.   Attic was a Hollywood Video Exclusive although later landed in Blockbuster Video and Netflix.   David worked with Elijah Wood and his Horror Company, “The Woodshed” to write a feature length horror film, titled “Descention”.   David has penned multiple feature length screenplays and has worked and optioned his work to four different Hollywood Producers.   When not working on films, David has also freelanced as a producer/writer/director for commercial and industrial video.  Some of his clients include, Miller Lite Beer and General Motors.

Brett Beckett 

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Brett Beckett's (Writer, Producer) interest in movies began at a young age, and he currently teaches film making classes, focusing on collaboration through systems as well as technical and creative standards.  Over the years his classes have created, produced, and premiered three full length features, and have produced hundreds of original short films.  Invisible World is his first outing as writer and producer of an independent short film.  He has other ideas in the works for future shorts and feature films.

Mikey Hardesty


Mikey Hardesty (Director of Photography, Camera) is an award-winning writer/director/cinematographer/editor known for OBLIVIOUS (2018) and Holly (2020). He was born in Denver, Colorado on August 4, 2002. His films OBLIVIOUS and Thanks for the Memories garnered national award nominations at the All American High School Film Festival, including Best Director at age 16. 

Samuel Gannuch

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Sam Gannuch (Practical Effects, Make-up) is an award-winning filmmaker/cinematographer known for Villain (2018), and Settling Differences (2016). He was born in Denver Colorado on June 18, 2000. He began film making very early, starting his first documentary Settling Differences at age 14. His film Villain won the Silver Spotlight Short Award and was a Finalist of the Shiver Film Festival. His film Ghost Car received Best Colorado Narrative Short from Denver Underground Film Festival.

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